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No. 828 : : October 28, 2019
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Blog: James Suckling and High Ratings
Oct 25: I am swamped with mails from producers around the world, who send me their commercial emails with prices and almost always ratings of wine critics-most of them from James Suckling who is riding high in the world of Ratings after Robert Parker cooled off and when I got to know of an Italian fine wine in India rated 99 points I decided to do a bit of research and share with the readers my findings, writes Subhash Arora. James Suckling was the European

November 16 is Indian Wine Day in its Third Year
Oct 28: Indian Wine Day, the only wine event in India with a fixed date, will be celebrated again on November 16 at all the Lalit Hotels, a few restaurants, wineries and wine clubs joining in to cheer the improved quality of Indian wines adding to the growing wine culture in India, writes Subhash Arora who founded the Day on November 16, 2017 in conjunction with the Lalit Group in an attempt to catalyse producers come on a common platform for promotion

BRWSC 2019: Visiting Ningxia Wineries in Helan Mountain East in China
Oct 27: Ningxia has become a brand as popular as Barolo, Brunello, Burgundy or Barossa with the eastern foothill of Helan Mountain recognized as one of the most suitable regions for producing high-end wine. Since 2013 it has also the protected area for national products with geographical indications (GI), writes Subhash Arora who visited Ningxia for second year as a part of a group of journalists to judge at BRWSC wine competition and visited a few

IWA 2019: Think Amarone, Drink Ripasso in India
Oct 23: Results of the recent India Wine Awards threw up a few surprises but not for the two of my favourite wines from my Valpolicella, Zenato Ripassa Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Superiore 2015 and Tedeschi Capitel San Rocco Valpolicella Ripasso from two iconic Amarone producers that won the Best in Show Trophies, giving credence to my long professed suggestion that in India we should think Amarone but drink Ripasso, the Baby Amarone- an

Rise and Rise of Chenin Blanc in South Africa
Oct 26: While previously grown almost exclusively in South Africa and France, Chenin Blanc is now cultivated in 23 countries including India and has become the world’s 26th most planted variety, covering about 33000-36,000 hA. With 17,000 hA in South Africa and this year’s winners of the Standard Bank Chenin Blanc Top 10 Challenge in that country, provide ample evidence of its major advances with the variety, including vinifying a variety of styles at

Global Warming: Times they Are- a- Changin’
Oct 24: Never before was the need to understand the impact of global warming so urgent as today and as the song by Bob Dylan suggests, ‘you better start swimming or you will sink like a stone’ but winemakers are putting their minds to solve the problem by going to cooler areas, canopy management and using different strains of yeast, with a very interesting experiment being conducted by New Zealand to make a low alcohol Sauvignon Blanc

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