No. 679: : January 07, 2016

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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Blog: Flute is DeadLong Live the Flute
Jan 07: After years of gloating over the advantages of flutes over champagne saucers (coupes), there has been an increasing tendency to discard flutes, especially by sommeliers and wine experts in favour of white wine glasses or flutes with bigger girth and an Article in Decanter a couple of days ago even suggests that the Flute may be dead in 2016 but agreeing with the reasoning and a possible slow decrease in the sale of flutes, they do have their advantages and will be around for commercial reasons in future, reasons Subhash Arora. Read any book

IGT Terre Siciliane: Wines to match Spice in the Market
Jan 05: The wine dinner at Gulati Spice Market was a tryst with Sicilian wines for most invitees who had a lot of fun matching the four IGT Terre Siciliane wines- Perlé di Ginestra Moscato, Antiche Vie Syrah, Antiche Vie Nero d’Avola and Morogó Nero d’Avola with several Indian dishes and who came out swearing by some of the combinations while enjoying them on their own, writes Subhash Arora who had organised the import and clearance of wines for

DWC Dinner: 100-Pointer Neung Roi on Top in Delhi NCR
Jan 07: How a perfect Restaurant like Neung Roi, serving Thai Cuisine at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel can perform even better, was showcased at the Delhi Wine Club Dinner last month will a perfect 10 for the food curated by the Thai Chef Yenjai Suthiwaja, wine and food match, ambiance and service with the unanimous decision that the evening was even better than the previous dinner about 18 months ago, writes Subhash Arora. There had been requests

Delhi Duty- Free Freed of Desi Wines
Jan 04: Indian quality wine producers would be disappointed to learn that the Duty Free Shops at Delhi and reportedly also at the Mumbai Airport have discontinued stocking Indian wines that used to find a limited space anyway, for several reasons the most important being apparently dismal sales, writes Subhash Arora who noticed it while passing through the section but saw good news for champagne lovers who were being offered 20% discount for the

Fratelli turns Millionaire ahead of Target
Jan 04: When the third largest producer Fratelli set a sales target of one million bottles for 2015-16, it appeared to be an ambitious target but they have not only reached the target by the end of calendar year 2015 with 3 months to spare for the financial year to end, the winery has been bold enough to announce through Press, thus implicitly throwing a challenge at the current second biggest player Grover Zampa for the second spot with Sula facing no

Restaurant Feature: Eazy for Diners to get a Free Glass of Wine
Jan 06: EazyDiner, a restaurant reservation platform that also gives Reviews and Recommendations for various restaurants operating currently in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru has several features that get you incentives, but an interesting innovation has been tying up with several local restaurants to offer a free glass of wine as an incentive for making reservations through their reservation system. When I attended the first F & B Conclave organised

Delhi Wine Club

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