No. 639: : March 05, 2015

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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Vijay Amritraj Visits Delhi Golf Club
March 03: Vijay Amritraj, the legendary Indian tennis player now residing in California may not have visited Delhi in person but was present in spirit (correction-wine!) when both the Vijay Amritraj (VA) Reserve Collection red and white wines were presented to the Delhi Golf Club members, along with four other award winning wines by Sumedh Singh Mandla, CEO of Grover Zampa Vineyards (GZV) and Subhash Arora, President of the Indian Wine Academy

Tuscany Taste 2015: Carmignano- Father of Super Tuscan style wines
March 05: The term Super Tuscan for one style of Tuscan wines was coined half a century ago, implying the use of foreign grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon and the use of oak barriques, making Carmignano as the father of Super Tuscans according to the producers of this zone, a couple of whom I visited during my recent trip to Tuscany tasting wines from different appellation, writes Subhash Arora. ‘In XVI° century Caterine de Medici married Enrico II

Artadi: Tasting Magic of Terroir and Tempranillo
March 05: Juan Carlos Lopez de Lacalle, owner-winemaker of the premium Rioja winery Artadi was in Delhi this week to showcase his entry level Viñas de Gain white and red wines and the top end El Pison-both reds with 100% Tempranillo, at a special evening hosted by H.E. Gustavo Manuel de Arístegui y San Román, Ambassador of Spain in India at his residence in Delhi, writes Subhash Arora who was pleased and intrigued with the wines. Some

Rodrigues: Sparkling Man from Rio and Casablanca
March 02: Barossa trained young winemaker Ashwin Rodrigues, the owner of VinchurPark Nashik based Good Drop Wine Cellars, who debuted with the carbonated wine Rio 3 years ago, Prosecco styled tank fermented Casablanca last December and recently introduced the Rose version, hopes to be recognised as the sparkling wine expert of India, writes Subhash Arora who chatted with him in Nashik. When I met Ashwin Rodriguez first about 3 years

7 Kinds of Tasters you meet at a Tasting
March 04: The tasters at various wine events are professionals who try to understand and rate the wines according to the impression on their palate but each has a separate personality of his/her own and most fit in one of the seven categories, according to Rojita Tiwari based on her experience at several tastings in India and abroad. “All through the nineties I met people. Crowds of people. Met and met and met, until it seemed that people were born and hastily

Champagne Day: Visiting Champagne of Troyes
March 05: Unlike India, most wine producing regions in the world celebrate a wine day or even a week to promote the wine within the region and the region to the rest of the country or the world and Champagne is no exception with the king of the bubbles celebrating 5th Champagne Day on 24th October. Sanghamitra Banik, an Indian wine lover in Bordeaux visited a few Champagne Houses last year and takes you to the journey. The beautiful Champagne

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