No. 636: : February 05, 2015

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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Blog: Hotels must follow Norms or Face Cancellation of DFL Facility
Feb 05: The 5-star hotels and some restaurants were given the facility over a decade ago to buy wine and liquor against customs duty free licenses under certain norms of foreign exchange earnings in order to facilitate tourism but they are hardly following the condition of price mark ups. It is high time the new government ensure that they follow the pricing guidelines or cancel the facility on a case-to-case basis. I was shocked to look at the wine list of a

Bordeaux 2014: Future Bright or Bleak?
Feb 05: The En Primeur of Bordeaux 2014 will be ready to unfold by the end of next month but its success would depend upon whether the Bordeaux producers get the pricing right by reducing although the quality is better than 2013 and not like 2009 or 2010, writes our Bordeaux Correspondent Pallavi Vatsa who has been told by many outsiders that this may be the ‘last chance’ to keep the system alive even as the locals are tight lipped

DWC: Wine, Food and Zerzura are Delightful Combination
Feb 05: If some people feel that wine is a serious drink that entails drinking with serious food and conversation, Zerzura may not be an ideal place for a wine dinner but for members of the Delhi Wine Club it was an excellent change where we were part of the total clientele of over 200 people and yet the service was good and the atmosphere charged with the belly dancer making sporadic appearance in the different sections of this Restaurant and

Survey: Spanish Wines becoming Favourite Wines for Indian Palates
Feb 05: Although Australian wines are imported the most in India thanks to the ubiquitous Jacobs Creek, followed by Hardys and Yellow Tail, more Indians consider French wines as their top favourite wine, followed closely by Italian wines as expected but surprisingly, it’s the Spanish wines that take the third place, way ahead of Australia and Chile, writes Subhash Arora who conducted a poll amongst the members of the closed Facebook group Indian Wine

Truth behind the Greek Myth
Feb 03: It used to be a case of beware Greeks talking up their wines but that has all changed, says our Australian guest writer Dan Traucki who investigated into this myth and discovered that although they were producing mundane wines earlier but with modern winemaking techniques coupled with unique ancient native grape varieties, they are making some really interesting wines. For much of the last century there was a myth around that Greek wines

Study: Drinking more Alcohol in middle age increases Stroke Risk
Feb 04: Even as a study by Harvard last week suggests that a small glass of wine daily reduced the risk of heart failure by 30%, another one published in the American Heart Association journal ‘Stroke’ has found that heavily drinking in middle age can increase our risk for suffering a stroke by 34%, more than any other common risk factor and cautions against the excessive consumption. Pavla Kadlecová, a statistician at St. Anne's University

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