No. 634: : January 21, 2014

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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‘Made in India’ debuts in Taj Private Label Wines
Jan 21: Although Indian luxury hotels have been known to sporadically introduce entry level house wines in the past as private labels - Chinkara being perhaps a pioneer in the Oberoi group, Taj has expanded their Private label lists with two whites and four reds, also flirting with the ‘Make in India’ concept being promoted by PM Narendra Modi and thus adding one Indian wine in this programme as well. Although a couple of the wines have been in the portfolio

Masterclass : Prosecco with Pizza and Pasta in Amalfi
Jan 21: The northeast Italian bubbly Prosecco being the most exported sparkling wine In the world since last year, was the protagonist of the Delhi Wine Club Dinner at Amalfi Restaurant where the members enjoyed the seemingly infinite number of Pizzas and Pastas and Primi Piatti with Prosecco of different labels that followed a Masterclass and blind tasting conducted by Subhash Arora, President of the Delhi Wine Club and editor of delWine at the

We Recommend : Il Concerto Rose Brut NV San Simone
Jan 15: Il Concerto Rose Brut NV San Simone is a non-vintage Brut Rose sparkling wine from a family owned Prosecco producer San Simone in the DOC Prosecco area in Italy and as the label suggests it is truly a symphony of various characteristics that play melodiously on your palate-the additional feature being that it is very affordable spumante (sparkling wine) made from Merlot grapes making it an excellent value-for-money bubbly currently in

Study suggests starting drinking for Health Benefits
Jan 20: A new review by Emanuel Rubin in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research suggests that physicians should counsel teetotalers of about 40 to 50 years of age to relax and take a drink a day, preferably with dinner because of the robust benefits of alcohol, although clarifying that it should be an individualized recommendation by one’s doctor- a view not shared by delWine which never recommends an abstainers to start

Mendoza Rocked by Wine Crisis Protestors
Jan 19: The grape farmers of Maharashtra may not be strong enough yet to raise the massive protest of the magnitude displayed by the Mendoza grape growers who rocked the wine capital of South America and brought it to a grinding halt with more than 5,000 grape growers, winemakers and vineyard workers packing the city streets with tractors in an effort to cancel Fiesta de la Vendimia and chanting slogans against the government apathy towards

Two more Gujarat Airports to issue Liquor Permits
Jan 20: Whereas the myopic Kerala government decided to divert the tourists to the other close by God’s country Srilanka, by announcing stepped-prohibition last August, the pragmatic Gujaratis realize the tourism potential and have decided to start issuing liquor permits to foreign as well as domestic travellers arriving at Vadodara and Bhuj airports even as the NRI Gujaratis have instantly started clamouring for the online issuance.According to an

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