No. 632: : January 06, 2014

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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Blog: Merger of Sula and Grover Zampa on the Canvas
Jan 05: Shocking as it may initially sound, the merger of two of the wine industry biggies, Sula and Grover Zampa might be a reality with both under one umbrella Corporation that would go public and help the existing investors and shareholders unlock the capital at higher than otherwise expected returns and offer small investors an opportunity to participate in the expected growth of this new company with the anticipated growth of wine industry. During an exclusive interview over dinner with Ravi Viswanathan of Singapore a few months ago where we had a long heart

York brings sparkle to the Indian Wine Market
Jan 03: Nashik-based winery York has added sparkle to the Indian wines by introducing in Mumbai a Sparkling Cuvée Brut, produced from 100% Chenin Blanc, to be launched soon in Delhi, writes Subhash Arora who found the wine effervescent, fresh, light but elegant and delicious with a long lasting zing on the palate making it a contender for the top spot in Indian sparkling wines soon. Having had the fortune of working with the Chandon bubblies in their first phase, it had given York ambition and knowledge to yearn for introducing a bubbly of their own. It had told

Global Perspectives: Top Ten Indian Wines for Cellaring
Jan 05: Ten years or even five years ago, it would have been practically impossible to identify domestic wines which were age-worthy but there has been a sea change during the last 5 years with several new wines entering the market using better quality of grapes and processing including barriques for maturing, making them age-worthy for several years, writes Subhash Arora who has selected Top Ten out of such wines. One variable by which the quality of wines in India may be judged is to see how complex and age worthy their wines are. Although the quality at all levels

Bordeaux Tasting 2014: Terre de Vins does it Again
Dec 22: The third edition of Bordeaux Tasting at the grand and opulent tasting halls of the prestigious Palais de la Bourse attracted over 5500 visitors in two days leaving no one in doubt it was a great success. The organizers left no stone unturned in making it the best Wine tasting event with 120 Grand Vin de Bordeaux represented mostly by owners, guests from other French and foreign regions, writes Pallavi Vatsa, our Correspondent from Bordeaux. The gates of great Bordeaux chateaux closed for you? Wait, no longer the reality! On December 13th and 14th the

Anthocyanins found in White Wine Grapes too
Jan 06: Anthocyanins found in the skins of red grapes and combined with other chemical compounds, are responsible for the majority of red wine’s colour with the precise colour dependent on the acidity surrounding anthocyanins but a new study has discovered that they are also found in much smaller quantity in white grapes, thus explaining the pinkish colour of some of the white wines. Anthocyanins are defined by Jancis Robinson MW in ‘The Oxford Companion to Wine’ as members of a complex group of natural phenolic glycosides responsible for the

Resveratrol: Not for Health but to preserve wine
Jan 06: Australia's Barokes Wines which claims that glass holds a number of drawbacks as a packaging medium for beverages – including its weight, durability and its “less than optimum” recycling ability has developed a process and applied for patenting it whereby beverage containers are coated with a layer including Resveratrol in order to better preserve wine. Metal cans, PET bottles and Tetra Pak cartons have grown in popularity in recent decades, but their success with wine had been limited so far Barokes said, adding “This lack of success is primarily due to the

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