Assistant Editor Natasha Vohra

No. 515 : : August 21, 2012

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Blog: Fruity wines vs. Fruit Wines
August 20: One of the main flavour component in wines is the fruit-it could be subtle or bold and forward, sometimes known as fruit bomb that can make the wine interesting to novices but boring to the initiated whereas fruit wines are simply wines made from fruits other than grapes, the basic premise being that any fruit having sugar is ferm 
Selling Wines with Indian Soul in UK
August 16 : While agencies like APEDA are crowing about their efforts to increase export of Indian wines, a small company started in 2009 in UK by two Oxford MBAs from India has been importing and selling to over 300 Indian restaurants under their own brand Soul Tree. It has now found its way to the Finals of the prestigious UK Natio
Gallup Poll: More Americans prefer Beer to Wine
August 20 : Drinking habits of Americans tipped more in favour of beer this year with 39% preferring beer while 35% opted more for wines but the general pattern remained the same with 66% consuming alcohol with a national average of a healthy 4.2 drinks per week, according to the annual Gallup Poll which also finds that the older men   
Passing By: Tuscan Producer Lionello Marchesi
August 21 : Lionello Marchesi, the Tuscan wine producer having the distinction of being perhaps the only one making all of the five important docg wines of Tuscany, is in India these days to launch 6 wines from his range in Mumbai and Goa, through Goa based Tonia Group. Subhash Arora tasted these wines and had a chat with him over dinn 
Kerry Damskey: It’s All About The Grapes
August 20 : During one of his regular visits to India last month, Kerry Damskey, the Sonoma based consultant winemaker for Sula, met our Mumbai Correspondent Rishi Vohra CSW for a chat at Vinoteca - Sula’s recently opened wine bar where he shared his views about wine, winemaking in India and of course, one of his favourite topics,
Red Wine may prevent older people from falling…or not
August 21 : In what appears to be much hyped media news with possibly no medium term benefit for red wine drinkers, the scientists have claimed in a new study that the anti-oxidant resveratrol found in red wine might help improve mobility among older people and prevent falls, but cautioning that the required amount would be tantamo
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