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No. 500 : : May 16, 2012

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Editorial: Celebrating delWine 500
It is a matter of pride and pleasure that the 500th issue of your favourite eNewsletter from India is in your hands. It is an important milestone and we thought of celebrating with articles written specially by well-known wine experts globally. I feel privileged with a hundred percent response from my wine friends since it shows their solidarity      
Down Memory Lane to 3 April 2006
SUBHASH ARORA loves to say that his job is all about aish (which is the Urdu expression for ‘the good life’) without cash. It is not entirely true, because Subhash is now India’s most respected voice in the wine world, says Sourish Bhattacharyya who has been the founder-editor of delWine. Subhash has been able to achieve mainly  
Morat: Story of Royal Oak Tree in France
An oak tree born in 1661 in the French forest of Tronçais and known as Morat oak tree was auctioned in 2005 after around 350 years of growth and the oak used by the family cooperage Tonnellerie Sylvain to make oak barrels which were sold to estates like Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Château Angelus, writes John Salvi MW.               
Celebrating South Africa with delWine - 500
The words ‘carte blanche’ are not necessarily those a guest writer wants to hear when asked to pen a contribution for a publication like delWine but taking the lead from the celebrations of 500th issue of delWine, Cathy Van Zyl MW lists five hitherto not well known reasons to celebrate South Africa out of a possible 500, hoping these would
The Asian Wine Market
The Asian wine market is undergoing a dynamic change with Hong Kong booming due to zero duties and likely to consolidate with the mid-market picking up steam, writes Hong Kong- based Debra Meiburg MW who feels that Chinese wine market is evolving and will continue to grow in prominence. Since deregulating its wine             
Four Decades of Changing Wine World
Anniversaries and milestones are always worth marking, writes Robert Joseph who has been working with wine for nearly four decades, taking the viewers from French wines to the important UK wine market and giving glimpses of the world including New Zealand, California and the influence of Robert Parker after his arrival, concluding     
Food & Wine Matching can be Fun
Matching wine with food can be an interesting exercise. Sometimes one stumbles across something wonderful by complete accident. Circumstances combine to create a glorious success out of totally random, uncalculated items, like the extremely personal business of finding the right wines for food dishes, writes Charles Metcalfe who     
Exciting and Emerging Wine Regions of Italy
Out of 20 wine growing regions of Italy, some are making steady progress in terms of exports and innovative approaches to marketing their wines overseas, writes the award winning author and writer, Michèle Shah sharing here travel experience of Trentino, Liguria, Lombardia, Veneto, Piemonte, Toscana, Sicilia and Sardegna in the past   
Feature: The Language of Wine
The process of acquiring a vocabulary with which to describe drinking is fundamental to wine appreciation and only the taster with a suitable lexicon will be able to form his own aesthetic judgement about any given wine, writes Joel Payne from Germany. ‘Wine is a language of its own’ explained Sanmei Cheung, the sommelier at the     
Yo Godello: From Spanish Valley of Gold
The native grape variety Godello is Spain’s emerging hope for producing a wine equivalent to great white Burgundy and may be one of the world’s five greatest white wine grapes, writes our Spanish food and wine expert Gerry Dawes who has made more than twenty trips to Galicia during the past decade. I have come away from    
Austria has No Kangaroos but Veltliners
Austria is often mistaken for Australia; it has no kangaroos, but plenty of the signature Grüner Veltliner and other white wines, with the share of reds and some outstanding wines increasing, writes Willie Klinger from Austria as he gives a peep into the working of Austrian Wine Marketing Board he heads, their plans and the marketing 
The Story of Israeli Wine
Archaeologists confirm that Wine has been produced on the Israeli soil since pre-Biblical times, with the Old Testament describing vine growing and winemaking since more than 2000 years ago but The Golan Heights Winery is considered a pioneer as the present day producer, writes Yair Kornblum who also lists briefly, the big and
Natural Wine Tasting in Japan
A large annual tasting of natural organized recently by a consortium of so-inclined importers of Japan at the Monterey Hotel in Tokyo's Hanzomon neighborhood underlined the fact once again that Japan perhaps absorbs a great deal of natural wine production, writes Ned Goodwin MW from Japan. Daily Telegraph had suggested
Changing, Changing Chinese Wine Market
The mainland Chinese wine market has been growing fast with the imports rising from 2009 of 10.1 million 9 liter-cases of bottled wine to about 16.3 million cases in 2010, continuing to escalate to 23 million cases last year writes Beijing based educationist and writer, Fongyee Walker who cautions that the diversity of Chinese market       
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