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Assistant Editor Natasha Vohra

No. 431 : : January 25, 2011

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Tickle your TASTE buds in Mumbai
Taste 2011, the international wine, food and hospitality show takes place once again at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon on January 27-29 where professionals have the opportunity of tasting wines and foods from 14 countries, with several interesting seminars and guided tastings during all three days. Organised by Paris
Passing By: Albert Bichot and the New ‘Bride’
After spending seven years together, Beaune based Maison Albert Bichot and Brindco developed the seven-year itch that ended up in separation with Bichot choosing Aspri as their new partner for the Indian market. Alberic Bichot, the CEO owner was in India on his first visit after the change, last week when Subhash Arora met him for a cha
Buzet to Buzz in Bombay
Thinking French wines brings immediate memories of Bordeaux and Burgundy, but very few might recollect the relatively new appellation of Buzet, from a small town of the same name, located on River Garonne, and the big co-operative Vignerons de Buzet that represents 95% of the appellation production. Some of their wines wer  
South Africa over-optimistic about Wine Duties
Negotiators from India and the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) are finalizing request lists of products to benefit from lower trade tariffs from the Preferential Agreement between the two countries, but S. Africa is being over-ambitious in hoping that our government would relax the import duties on their wines-a part of their wis
China still King Kong in Hong Kong
Thanks to the sustained interest of China and the Chinese investors in Hong Kong, the first auction by Ackers, Merrall & Condit in Hong Kong was highly successful with 100% of the lots sold at US $10.8 million, fetching 20% higher than the expected price while in another auction by Sotheby’s, the private collection of Andrew Lloyd Webb
Aussies Switching from Beer to Wine
Indians might believe in Australia being a beer gulping nation because of the famous Fosters beer Ads in the nineties, dubbing ‘Beer as Austraalia’, but a recent report by the Australian Bureau Of Statistics disclosed that beer consumption has been falling consistently since the 1960s, while consumption of wines and spirits has increase
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