Assistant Editor Natasha Vohra

No. 427 : : December 28, 2010

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We Recommend: Shopping for Wines in the Mall
‘All dressed up and nowhere to go’ may be the current scenario at the shopping malls in Delhi where wines retail has been allowed from this year but the prices are unattractive due to higher excise duties compared to the bordering Haryana although hopefully, the duties will come down soon, writes a disgruntled Subhash Arora wh  
Special Feature: Assessment of Bordeaux Reds ‘10
There are growers and producers who, now that the wines are safely in the vats and/or barrels, are claiming that their wines are even finer than the 2009s, for which the market paid astronomical prices for classed and famous growths. Our Bordeaux specialist John Salvi MW gives his assessment as a precursor to the En Primeur  
Passing By : Staglins of Napa Valley’s Staglin
Shari and Garen Staglin, owners of Staglin family vineyards in Napa valley were in Mumbai where their importer, the Wine Park organised a wine tasting at the San Qi Restaurant, Four seasons. Bindu Malhotra, President of Terror One, Mumbai Chapter of the Delhi Wine Club, who had been invited with about eight other persons, write
Asian Tiger brings Boom in Wine Auctions
The world is still suffering from a wine glut and there has been a squeeze on the prices of up to 30% and more but there have been record collections in Hong Kong auctions thanks to China with the Golden Tiger as the zodiac sign for the Chinese year ending 2 February 2011, with the three biggest wine auctioneers of the world increasing sal 
Constellation Sells Hardys at Huge Discount
Barely seven years after buying BRL Hardy for $1.9 billion in 2003, Constellation's CEO, Rob Sands says Hardys is no longer consistent with the company's strategy, as the company announces the sale of 80% of the assets valued at $287 million for cash proceeds of $230 million, at a massive discount of 85% to an Aussie Private Equit
Chemical Wine Scandal in China
Absence of wine laws in India may already be the basis of scams of the type one evidenced today in ‘China’s Bordeaux’ when several wineries were shut down and thousands of cases pulled from shelves as the authorities found wine containing several chemical additives, state media said Monday, disclosing that six persons  
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