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No. 421 : : November 29, 2010

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Blog: Drink wine at Seventeen- not Seven
The recent revelation by Emma Watson, the co-star in Harry Potter films, that she was given wine by her family at the age of seven might have been made public for its shock value and as publicity gimmick for the latest Harry Potter film released last Friday, but it might send out wrong signals that its fine to start seven-year olds on wine, when
Feature: It Rains Trouble for Grapes in Maharashtra
This year again the post monsoon, unseasonal rains have been causing havoc in the grape growing region of Maharashtra including Nashik, Baramati and Sangli, destroying the crops and causing Downey mildew which if not controlled will affect the quality, and with no hope for the growers to expect higher prices for the remaining
DWC Masterclass: Mummís the word
There are champagnes and champagnes and then thereís Mummís, says Arun Batra who was at an exclusive tasting of Mummís on Tuesday at the Maurya Sheraton where Indian Wine Academy had organised a Masterclass for the members of Delhi Wine Club and other guests by the Brand Development Manager Thomas Didier, followe
Passing By: Heidsieck of Louis Roederer Champagne
The Imperial Hotel in Delhi saw the presence of Frederic Heidsieck, Global Sales Director and Damien Motte Export Director of Louis Roederer, both of whom might have been eclipsed by the Cristal Champagnes served at the exclusive dinner attended by the czarist-members of the Delhi Wine Club recently, writes Subhash Arora.     
Wine Spectator Top 100 List Released
Nov 23: The much sought after and even more quoted by the sellers, the Wine Spectator Top 100 List was announced yesterday on their website after first releasing the Top 10 a couple of days ago. Four of the top five wines are from California and with Barossa being the other lone contender, the top five spots have been taken by the
Climate Change Conference in Spain in April 2011
The third edition of Climate Change and Wine Congress initiated by the Wine Academy of Spain is being organised once again in Spain on 13-14 April, 2011 with Kofi Annan, Former Secretary-General of UN and the joint recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize 2001 being the honoured guest. The venue shifts from the earlier two confere
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