Assistant Editor Natasha Vohra

No. 393 : : July 08, 2010

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Blog: Death of a Chilean Wine Statesman
Sipping a glass of Montes Alpha M 2006 during my flight to Santiago this morning from San Francisco, my thoughts were full of sadness for the untimely and sad demise last Tuesday of Douglas Murray, a founding partner of Viņa Montes and a pioneer and leading proponent of the exports for the contemporary Chilean wine industry, who   
Serve Indian Wines at State Banquets
Government of India does not allow serving alcohol at the State Banquets but Indian Wine Academy has made a strong plea to the President of India, Madam Pratibha Patil through a letter to start serving Indian and alcohol-free wines at the State banquets, citing various positive reasons to do so. Subhash Arora reports. It may  
Early Ripening in Australia not due to Climate Change only
Climate change has been considered the main cause of early ripening of grapes and higher alcohol throughout the world but Australian researchers say the early ripening has not been a fact but climate change is not the only cause, according to a report on ABC news Australia. Researchers from Melbourne University and the CSIRO have
Feature: Strange Case of Indonesian Wine Taxes
Although there is no direct comparison between the Indonesian taxes being as high as in India, the recent elimination of import duties and luxury tax and increasing of excise duties on all wines, making cheaper wines more expensive, may have a merit for India but the administration of the system seems to be a strange case even for a countr 
Wine & health: Study claims red wine may not be anti-aging
A new study conducted by McGill University in Canada casts doubt on the theory that oxidative stress to our tissues shortens the lifespan, thus possibly debunking the theory that taking antioxidants through red wine and vitamins is anti-aging. The study published in the latest issue of the journal Genetics claims that the researchers ha
Carlson buys Control of RHW Services
Minnesota based Carlson Hotels which runs Radisson chain of Hotels in India announced last Friday that it has bought a majority interest in RHW Hotel Management Services, a major hotel management and consultancy services company in India at undisclosed price. RHW has been managing Carlson-branded hotels on
Ammirato Wine Oil Italian Flavors
Aspri Spirits Pvt. Ltd.
Varietal & Reserve Wines
ESTATE VINYARDS, Riona Wines Pvt. Ltd.
Sula Vineyards
A newly developed 30 room beach resort in Colva, South Goa.
Delhi Wine Club
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