Assistant Editor Natasha Vohra

No. 390 : : June 25, 2010

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Blog: Unshackle Alcohol-Free Wines
If the government and the States take Article 47 of the Indian Constitution seriously, the alcohol free wines must be unshackled from the import duty of about 160% and the additional state excise duties which work out as high as import duty in Delhi or ev
Wine Retail Opportunity for Producers Soon
The excise department seems to have suddenly woken up to find the Commonwealth Games on the head and after announcing new licenses like L53, L53F, L56 and L4 D, it is learnt that it may soon allow wine and spirits producer licensees to open one  
OIV Report: Wine Industry Slowdown ‘09
The yearly statistical analysis results presented by the CEO of OIV, Mr. Federico Castellucci at the 33rd OIV World Wine and Vine Congress being held in Georgia confirm the obvious; the activities in this sector slowed down in 2009 with a decrea
Wine & Health: Different Approach to Red Wine and Heart Health
Two new studies take different approaches to explain better heart health with red wine, the first one suggesting that resveratrol decreases obesity by preventing immature fat cells from fully maturing while the second study claims that red wine enhances the
EU Commission dithers on organic wine laws
EU Commission withdrew the draft proposal to introduce rules for the production of organic wine last week, making the association of European farmers and agri-cooperatives- Copa- Cogeca announce that it regretted the decision and called on  
Retail - Small Today, Big Tomorrow
The remarks made by the Chairman of the well-known British retailer Marks and Spencer, saying that their plans for India are "small today, big tomorrow" is not only prudent but also apt for imported wine market in India and many overseas producer
Varietal & Reserve Wines
ESTATE VINYARDS, Riona Wines Pvt. Ltd.
Sula Vineyards
The Malt Dinner at Olive Beach
Delhi Wine Club
A newly developed 30 room beach resort in Colva, South Goa.
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