Assistant Editor Natasha Vohra

No. 389 : : June 22, 2010

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Blog: Five Ps and Payments from India
In the eagerness to deal with India, increasing number of producers are falling into the trap of giving liberal payment terms to importers, some of whom are either taking undue advantage while the others with their cavalier approach import at the risk of  
Sula Swims against Recessionary Tide
While most wine producers blame the recession at the slowdown, tight liquidity and their financial plight Sula has been racing ahead with only one pit stop last year, with the company performing better than the 40% target to achieve the sale of 350,000
VINOBLE: Confusing and Complex World of Sherry
There is no alcoholic beverage as confusing and complex to understand as Sherry but the rewards can be infinite if one goes beyond the classifications and learns to enjoy the complexity of this fortified wine from South of Spain, as Subhash Arora explai  
Bangalore Divided on Pub Timings Issue
The recent public spat between Karnataka Home Minister and the Minister of Excise around the extension of pub hours at night in Bangalore for an additional two hours and a half, is yet another example of the divided house within the government and an    
UK Government Loves French Wines
According to details released by the UK External Affairs Ministry, the government hospitality cellar has a stock of over 37,500 bottles valued at around £864,000 with 80% of the stocks being from France with Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone, Loire, Cha
Wine & Health: Controversial Study on Wine and Pregnant Women
A new study published in the obstetrics and gynecology journal BJOG, claiming that women drinking a glass of wine a day in their first three months of pregnancy may have better behaved children than those who abstain from alcohol or drink heavily,  
Varietal & Reserve Wines
ESTATE VINYARDS, Riona Wines Pvt. Ltd.
Sula Vineyards
The Malt Dinner at Olive Beach
Delhi Wine Club
A newly developed 30 room beach resort in Colva, South Goa.
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