Assistant Editor Natasha Vohra

No. 383 : : May 21, 2010

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Blog: The Irresponsible Wine Journalism
A news item reported by the reputed news agency IANS about India’s participation at the London Wine Fair and picked up by online media like Yahoo, had so much erroneous and immature reporting that the producers, wine connoisseurs and serious wine lovers would be at sea whether to laugh or raise their arms with disgust. “Eig
Feature: ROERO DOcG: The Underdog of Piemonte
When you think of top dogs of Piemonte your mind immediately goes to Barolo and Barbaresco-the two docg wines of the Langhe area , but Roero docg red wine made in the Roero area can give a value for money wine too, as Subhash Arora discovered while tasting over three hundred wines from the region at the Nebbiolo Prima tastin
Gordon Ramsay Steals Idea from Indage
The well-known British Chef, TV star and restaurateur with 12 Michelin Stars in his pocket, known to many in India through his TV programme Hell's Kitchen, Sir Gordon Ramsay seems to have stolen a chapter from Indage Vintners by simply stopping to pay his bills. Now, he is being sued by his creditors one after another, according    
Wine & Health: French Study Shows Wine is Healthy
A recent French study adds to the positives of wine, with its finding that people who drink up to a half a bottle of wine a day are healthier than people who abstain from drinking, according to the Daily Mail. Researchers from the Public Assistance Hospitals in Paris looked at nearly 150,000 people and concluded those who enjoy
Australia to take on Kiwis with new White Wine
Known for its success in growing Semillon both as a varietal and a blend, Australia Semillon Blanc is one wine that if promoted well can give run for the money to the NZ Sauvignon Blanc and with the new offering from Australian Vintage, the wine just might well compete with the NZ Sauvignon Blanc import which has made severe dent in  
Watch out for the Vine Terrorist
While India might still be a few years away, countries like the US might want to take a serious look at the possibility of their vineyards being the target of extremists who may poison the vines or simply try to extort money by threatening to poison the wide spread vineyards, as had recently happened with the famous Grand Cru vineyard    
Sula Vineyards
ESTATE VINYARDS, Riona Wines Pvt. Ltd.
The London International Wine Fair, 18-20 May at Excel London
Varietal & Reserve Wines
Vinoble 2010
The Malt Dinner at Olive Beach
Delhi Wine Club
A newly developed 30 room beach resort in Colva, South Goa.
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